Sunday, October 25, 2009

no. 3: autumn is here!

It seems like I blinked and autumn was upon us. Suddenly the trees were exploding with color, a chill bite was in the air and leaves scattered the sidewalks. I remember riding my bike home one afternoon, looking up at a bright blue sky with puffy clouds and the tops of trees that looked like they were dipped in paint. The wind was blowing leaves across my path and almost blowing me off my bike. I remember thinking that afternoon, "wow, this is fall!"

Autumn is probably my favorite season. It is a season of change, a transition from summer to winter. It is a time of bountiful harvest and also a time of death. It is the bright fizzle before the candle light goes out. Leaves turn the color of burning flames, then trees let them go, preparing themselves for the long, cold winter. I love the sound that my feet make as they shuffle through the piles of leaves on the sidewalks. I love the smell of crisp, cool air. I love bundling up in scarfs and and sweaters and jackets. I love any excuse to layer on clothes.

But this fall has come in spurts. Most of the time it has felt more like winter, with cloudy skies, dreary rain and bitter cold mornings. Natalie and I have tried to soak up all the bits of autumn we could find. I am afraid autumn is halfway out the door. It has come and gone so fast. But that is the nature of the season, isn't it? It is just a segue into winter, defined by the seasons it is placed between, so fleeting. But we will savor autumn while it's here.

- Luke

we've lacked the little bits of inspiration in our lives this week. the days have past us quickly, taking with them every quiet moment & pause, leaving us worn & frazzled. the only times of relief have been together outside, soaking up the very few hours of sunlight & dancing in the leaves- listening to crunch beneath our feet.

& that is why i cherish autumn. the crisp air in the morning, the blue skies & puffy clouds in the afternoon, & the darkness creeping upon us faster than the lazy days of summer. autumn brings with her change & a renewal of life. she brings with her cozy, flannel blankets & apple cider, brightly-lit jack o' lanterns, & the falling of leaves.
most of all, autumn gives me an excuse to cuddle up next to my love, completely content, & watch as the day fades.



  1. autumn is my favorite season, also!
    i feel the same way as you two, that it's definitely passing too quickly.
    it's beautiful to read the different things you two write about the same subject, both so eloquently worded : )

  2. lovely lovely autumnal reflections!

  3. So wonderful to see the changing colors! Lovely post.

  4. I can't believe those pumpkin polaroids were taken an entire year ago already! So much has changed!

  5. beautiful pics & entry :) i just really enjoy reading your blog, its so adorable and makes me feel warm & cozy inside!