Saturday, October 17, 2009

no. 2: our home

{welcome to our home...}

when we found our apartment in the top of a little blue house beside a community garden, we were instantly charmed by its quirkiness & "vintage" feel. i suppose, by vintage, i mean it's a little worn. the paint on the walls is cracked & chipping, our hardwood floors have more stains & scruffs than can be counted, and our pet raccoon, randy, likes to run around inside the roof. but- this place, our first home, is filled with love so the little imperfections just make a better story.

some of my favorite parts about our home lie within the sheets of our bed- wrapped in a soft quilt & staring out the window, seeing all of the artwork- given to us by close friends + family- hung lovingly on our walls, & the rows of preserves + spices + grains lining the cabinets & shelves of our kitchen. we will always have a kettle of hot water ready for tea & fresh bread from the bakery for munching... won't you join us?

Walk up the creaky outdoor staircase to our attic apartment. The door might even be left open. You'll be greeted with hugs and the aroma of dinner still cooking on the stove. Come in, sit down, have hot tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable. But first, let us show you around.

As you walk through the door, you enter the kitchen. Our pantry shelves are lined with spices, grains and beans in various jars. Wooden bowls sit on tabletops, filled with fresh fruit or vegetables. Drying herbs hang from the walls. Small bouquets of flowers are placed on the table, set for company--flowers Natalie picked from the community garden next door.

Our desks sit against the far wall, in a nook with a window. My desk faces the window, which means I get to keep an eye on the neighborhood while doing schoolwork. We try to keep this area neat and uncluttered, but it's hard with notebooks and textbooks that pile up so easily. Little succulent plants in terra cotta pots make the space a little greener and keep us company.

The living room is filled with vintage greens, mustard yellows and browns. The floor is covered with a worn Persian rug Natalie found at a yard sale. A bookshelf is stuffed with old paperbacks from yard sales or used book stores. The walls are covered with artwork given by friends or found second-hand. The windows let in a soft evening light filtered through green curtains.

Then, to our bedroom, which is just big enough for a bed and chest of drawers. But it is cozy and lovely. The bed is made and layered with blankets to keep us warm through the night. Photos from the wedding are hung on the wall. Natalie's wedding bouquet is drying in a vase on her bedside table, my boutonnière lays on my bedside table. This might be my favorite room of the whole house.

Welcome to our home, we're glad you came.

- Luke


  1. Thanks for inviting us. Your bed is beautiful, I love the spices & well, everything is just charming. First homes are always the best!

  2. such a lovely home. thank you for the tour!

  3. this blog is beautiful. and not just to the eye. your love is palpable in this space. it's so inspiring. and calming. and lovely.

    your apartment is perfection. what an honor that you open your world to us!

  4. It is so beautiful & charming! I cannot wait to come visit: )

  5. What a beautiful home! I love how you have created such a personal space.

    I've been following Natalie's photos on flickr and its wonderful to see your blog as well.

  6. This takes me back to another little upstairs apartment and some other happy newly-weds....

    thanks for recalling that wonderful time for me....

  7. i want to do something like your chalk boards to plan out meals for the week! hmm..