Sunday, November 1, 2009

no. 4: a walk around the neighborhood

Natalie and I live in a wonderful neighborhood called the Benton Stephens Community, an old residential area between Stephens College and Benton Elementary. We love where we live. And one of our favorite things to do on a beautiful day is to take a walk around the neighborhood. It slows us down and connects us. Plus, there are so many great pictures to be made around the neighborhood.

We love looking at all the different houses we pass by. We'll point out our favorites and talk about ideas for our future homes. There are so many great homes in Benton Stephens. Each one has its own character.

We're also bound to see people we know on a walk around the block. We have a lot of friends who live in the neighborhood--many are people I've met from working at the bakery. But there are also families with children and older folks who live in the neighborhood. It's really beautiful to see the diversity in age. It serves as a great contrast to the lack of diversity on campus. And even if we pass by someone we don't know, we'll still wave--it's that kind of neighborhood.

Though there are little things about our attic apartment that can bother us, when I think about the neighborhood we live in I'm reminded of how blessed we really are.

- Luke

our walks around our neighborhood are something to be cherished. our neighborhood is a treasure- a place where children can be heard playing among the piles of dried leaves, where lazy cats spend their afternoons lounging on the porches of historic homes, and neighbors come together to harvest and tend to the flourishing community garden just right outside our door step.

and along these walks, we always see something different, notice something new, and appreciate the little changes.

especially during the winter months, i am always tempted to fall into a deep sadness, a sadness that makes me stay inside, cooped up, without any fresh air or warmth of the sun. so now, whenever i feel sad, perhaps depressed, i make myself go outside & walk. i am able to be a part of something greater, even if it is only for time spent walking around the block.

so, i hope you'll take a walk... & let us know how it goes!



  1. I don't know how I found your blog,'s so sweet!

  2. so nice to see a bit of your neighborhood. walks are so good for the soul.

  3. aww what lovely things you two have captured on your walks/will capture on many future walks!

  4. i am so happy to have found your blog through flickr. it is lovely.

    i try to walk every day with my two little is amazing to share life with them in this way and see our spectacular world through their eyes.

  5. I love these cat pictures! I just smiled so big, you don't even know. The second to last one looks like the beginning of "kitty's big adventure", or "the discovery of something hidden under the leaves", or like you just caught him there daydreaming (I don't need to see his face to tell he is dreaming). The top one, too. Love it!

  6. what a beautifull house. I always seen this kind of nature beatuy + mans creation in my dreams. I am not able to see this scenario in our country. You are lucky i would say.

    Ankita wearing
    Funny T Shirt

  7. Woah, that kitten picture is so great! And I like that you're pictured with the Holga, haha. You guys really do live in amazing neighborhood. Your yard is a garden!

  8. lovely post and uplifting too!

    I wish I could live in such a lovely neighbourhood, one day I will, maybe somewhere in Provence surrounded by fields of lavender.

    Thank you for being so much inspiring Nathalie and Luke

  9. beautiful.

    Walking around the neighborhood in the fall is my favorite!

  10. love this!
    that second to last picture, the one of the cat's head, is my favorite. so cute! and that blue house is amazing. I can't wait to be part of your neighborhood!