Thursday, May 20, 2010

no. 28: home improvements

We have been busy making little improvements to our home.
With a limited budget, it is difficult to find exactly what you want with little money, but we are so happy with what we have found.

Our little herb garden on our porch is perfect for when we are making meals. We simply walk outside & pick the herbs that we would like to use.

Right now we have cilantro, oregano & rosemary.
We would like to add basil & parsley.

We found this container from a garage sale last summer for 50 cents.
We added soil & flowers & now it sits at the end of our porch to brighten up the space.

This weekend we plan to start de-cluttering our home & painting the walls.

Do you have any summer projects?

-Luke + natalie


  1. so sweet and lovely.
    i can't stop de-cluttering, re-cluttering and painting!

  2. Do you also have thyme? I just picked up a small thyme and lemon thyme plant from the local farmers market - 3 plants for 3 bucks! They are growing on my ledge quite nicely and were a welcome addition to last nights pea and pancetta soup.

    My summer 'project' is to go out and enjoy the sun in the NY short summer we have. There are always so many events on but I never make it to as many as I want..but not 2010. This is the year to enjoy the summer, with old friends and new.

  3. Actually, I just read a great article on 5 things to spruce up your house with not too much money... I will have to find it and send it to you.

    I too am working on my apartment. I will begin painting as soon as my husband breaks down (because he is a bit nervous of the whole process, I have promised to do it in small steps)...

    I've started so many sewing projects that are really helping improve my home life (pillow cases, small curtains, etc).

    For the summer, i'm really focusing on getting some things done in the apartment and want to create a more 'homey' atmosphere....

    great post.. I can't wait for my herbs to get bigger so I can march over and get what I need while I'm cooking!

  4. I love your improvements! Especially that metal container full of flowers. It's lovely.

    I have also been de-cluttering, since I am moving all the way to Ohio in September. I don't want to take things with me that I don't really need.

    I am also on a mission to sew a bunch of tote bags to use for grocery shopping and the like, and to have success in the garden!

  5. I adore all of your photography. The second on in this post is especially charming!