Monday, May 10, 2010

no. 27: featured.

{photo above featured in the newspaper article.}

this weekend has been a little crazy, but it was worth it.
we drove to arkansas saturday afternoon to celebrate the graduation of a dear {friend} & to be with family for mother's day.
we had such an amazing time & our spirits were really lifted.
we built a beautiful garden complete with a couple of trellises, enjoyed food & had great conversation.
we left believing & hoping that we would end up there someday. sometime.
have you ever had that feeling? the feeling of this place, wherever it may be, should be "home?"
it is a wonderful feeling.

& to complete such a great weekend, we were featured artists in our local newspaper.
{here} is the link to the article.
it was such a great experience!

enjoy your week, friends.
we'll be back on sunday.

-Luke + natalie


  1. What a great article!
    I already adore you guys!

  2. congratulations, you too. you are just so cute together.
    and yes, i know that "home" feeling well.

  3. wonderful article! you two inspire!

  4. what a great article - I am so glad to hear of other film lovers - what exactly do you shoot with? I have an old Mamiya C220 which is my go to camera - much to a lot of peoples amusement. But I share your sentiment of the way it forces you to be particular with your shot.
    You guys are the second set of bloggers i love who were featured in the press last week. So good to see great stuff get noticed!

  5. That's great!
    Congrats for the article!

  6. Congrats on the article! It was great.

  7. Love the article! And I agree, there's something about Arkansas. My mom is from there and my husband went to college there. I am hoping that now that we have moved to Missouri we can spend more time there.

  8. What a wonderful time it seems you've had!

    That picture is beyond-words-adorable.