Wednesday, February 24, 2010

no. 18: special sundays

Sundays have come to be a Sabbath for Natalie and me. We recently started attending the evening gathering at our church, which opened up our Sunday mornings to breakfast dates and morning walks. It has been wonderful having Sunday mornings together. It is really the only day of the week that affords us a whole morning--nothing planned, no where we have to be. And the past few weeks, we've been talking advantage of our newfound morning time.

Last Sunday we took it pretty easy. We slept in until after 8, took our time getting ready, then walked a short walk over to one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe Berlin. On the way we poked our heads in our neighbor's greenhouse to check on their chickens. Cafe Berlin is the place to be for Sunday brunch. We end up seeing so many people we know--an advantage of living in a small town like Columbia. We had the most delicious brunch of breakfast tostadas and pancakes. After stuffing ourselves with food and coffee we walked back home, hushed by the rain and the cold.
We spent the rest the day together, hanging out at the bakery, going grocery shopping and visiting the library to get some music and books. It was one of those isolated days where other responsibilities and obligations are momentarily forgotten. We were lost in the moment, thoroughly enjoying being around each other and taking a break from the feeling of things waiting to get done. It was relaxing. I don't get very many of those days.


hi, readers. i can't believe it is already thursday! we are four days behind on this entry. sometimes life just likes to get messy & you have to deal with it. i've been sick for the past few days & my reality has been in bed, sleeping & drinking lots of fluids. luckily, i have a doctor's appointment today so things will be looking up soon!
but really, it is nice to be back in this space... even if we are a bit late.
it's nice to reflect & look back on some of our better days/weeks/moments.

& luke is right. it is so nice to have sunday mornings together. it allows for us to spend time together, doing the things we love. i always find luke, on sunday mornings, working on gardening plans. right now, we're picking out seed!

i like to spend my time working on the meal plan for the upcoming week. this week, we enjoyed a big pot of potato soup & asparagus frittata. on saturday, it's always really special... pizza night! feta, olives, & red onion. delicious!

my favorite part of sunday, however, is spending time with him. he makes any day special.

what do you enjoy doing on your sundays?



  1. On my Sundays, I enjoy relaxing, cleaning & having dinner with loved ones. BUT, that never happens. That's just what I would do in my ideal world. Instead, I work until 3, and do homework : )

    I really love that last picture of Luke.
    I wish we could talk!

  2. Sundays are my favourite day to work at Slackers, and I also read that afternoon and usually eat dinner with friends from work. And every other Sunday morning, I fly my kite. This Sunday, in particular, I am very excited to craft with you at your cute, delicious-smelling home, and I promise I will not break any dishes or otherwise be a huge spaz.

    P.S. That carrot picture and the picture of Luke from behind are wonderful.

  3. I just found your blog. Such a cute idea ! I'll come back for sure...

  4. another lovely post. oh the joys of a beautifully lazy sunday...

  5. natalie is so pretty in the picture with the mug! and in real life! :)

    i think this is my first him+her comment.. i love you guys!