Monday, February 15, 2010

no 17: a day of love

This Valentine's Day has been the best by far. I've noticed that since Natalie and I got together, holidays have been more of a big deal for me. Most of that is because Natalie is a sucker for holidays (especially her birthday). But I have also come to appreciate the fact that a holiday can make you take advantage of the moment--and do something for someone you otherwise wouldn't think to do.

Last Sunday was the perfect example. What other day would I be inspired to cut a big heart out of red poster board and make heart-shaped sugar cookies? But Valentine's Day makes permissible the excessive use of hearts--and the overindulgence of sugar cookies.

I wanted to do something special for Natalie on Valentine's Day, even though we had talked about just sticking with hand-made cards. The day before, she presented me with a framed picture of herself and a thoughtful card she made in the fiber-arts studio. I decided on making her breakfast in bed. On Sunday morning, I woke up early, allowing Natalie to sleep in, and went to work in the kitchen. I made blueberry pancakes topped with mixed berries and whipped cream (a special treat for us) and fried eggs (over-medium, just like Natalie likes). I woke Natalie up with kisses, delivered coffee, brought in a bouquet of flowers and the card I made, then carried in the tray of food.

We had such a fun time sitting in bed, eating breakfast together. Natalie was so appreciative of my effort, it made me feel like bringing her breakfast in bed every week. The rest of the day was delightful as well. We just took it easy, hanging around the house, talking and making sugar cookies. It was one of the best Sundays I've had in a while. It reminded me of how fun it can be to be married.


sometimes i wonder how i got so lucky. i remember, around the time we got married, thinking, "is this really happening? am i really marrying this amazing guy?" but i did. & we are living life together. & he gives so so much.
luke & i have already experienced some trials & tough times in our mere six months of marriage. to be honest, i've caught myself wondering, in a few dark moments, if this is what is intended for my life... to marry at 20 & to be committed to a person for the rest of my life.
and days like this past sunday remind me that absolutely without a doubt i am to do just that.
the sweet moments become much sweeter when you reflect on the harder days & realize that you've gotten through it & you will continue to.

luke, i love you. thank you for being my partner & always giving of yourself. the breakfast was delicious & i'll accept that offer for breakfast every week ;)


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  1. Sounds like you two had a lovely day together!

  2. your blog is great, and those first photo (all, really) look incredible.
    really great colors
    ok.. enough compliments for now

    seriously though..

  3. You both are so lovely, and I'm glad to have found your work through this joy + ride.

  4. Aww, what a sweet V-Day!
    Luke, you're a doll!

    Nat, did you get my V-Mail on V-Day?! ; )


  5. hi luke and natalie! sounds like a special valentine's. i took an all day class on the day, and when my honey came to pick me up he had chocolate waiting for me. it was a special treat.

  6. Oh my goodness, as always the pictures are such a delight. The breakfast in bed looks and sounds like it was to die for. You two are so lovely, thanks for sharing your life!

  7. thank you for another gorgeous post!

  8. oh, you guys have got me tearing up. marriage is so special and sweet, and you two do it well.

  9. such positive energy. you two are the sweetest!

  10. Such a beautiful blog!
    I've discovered it through this joy+ride.
    You two are lovely!
    I'll stop by again!

  11. Your blog is a bright spot on the web. Always nice to see two young people so much in love.

  12. the flowers in the bicycle basket - beautiful.