Tuesday, June 29, 2010

no. 30: a long break

where to begin?
we haven't written here in over a month so you will have to excuse our rustiness with words.

but honestly- we've experienced more in this month than we could ever imagine. we've had the attack of fleas in our home, painted our kitchen, participated in a garage sale, changed jobs, started work at a farm, been in a wedding, said goodbye to dear friends, & visited another country that changed us deeply.

this country is brazil.
it is the most amazing place we have ever been. it's full of flavor, dance, the best rice and beans, oceans, mountains, devastating poverty, landfills, slums, strong community, hope, & people who will treat you like family from the moment you meet.

& like i said- it has uprooted us {which is really good!} & made us think differently about so many things. we want to share this with you, all of it.

but it has been difficult to process all of it & sit down to write something that would even remotely describe our experience & express our feelings about it all. we've taken to writing with pencil & on paper to make sense of it all instead of writing here.
we hope you'll understand & know that we haven't forgotten about you.
it gives us such joy to write here & be a part of such a creative community.

so thank you for stickin' with us. we are so encouraged by all of you & cannot wait to share all of our photos & write to you about our trip to brazil.

we will be out of town until mid july! so, be expecting many new updates here & in our shop once we return!

until then...thank you for reading.

-Luke + natalie


  1. I can imagine how a trip in this country can change you and understand how feelings can be strong.
    Anyway, it's good to see you back here! Have a good july though!

  2. I too have a fondness for Brazil. I was happy to see your lovely photos!

  3. It's always good to take a break. I'm excited to hear all about Brazil.
    Enjoy your trip, be safe & God bless you two!

  4. hope you'll have a great trip and can't wait to hear about Brazil.

  5. Hi. I'm from Brazil(rio)!! i just looking for blogs and i found your blog. i`m very excited with this. I love my country and my town. thank you for the visit!