Monday, April 5, 2010

no. 24: spring is here

Spring is upon us. Today the air was thick with humidity and the smell of bosoms. It has been raining almost every other day, but when the clouds part the sun shows itself and provides warmth I haven't felt in months. The scenery around us is changing. We see greens that we forgot existed. Suddenly the landscape has been painted in color, starting with strokes of green on the ground and moving to dots of white, purple and pink in bushes and trees.

This spring has been different, though. It has been marked by the start of a garden--seed catalogues, planting calendars, trays of seedlings, freshly-tilled earth. Spring began for me with anticipation and impatience and the question of when to plant. When I saw the signs of new life in the world around me, it was both a reason to rejoice and a reason to worry. Am I behind? Should I have planted seeds in the ground last week? Am I too late? But those feelings inevitably turn into a contentment in my situation. I must submit to forces greater than I. Rain can always cause a delay.

But through our gardening endeavors I believe that I am more appreciative of the coming of spring. I am able to participate in this annual rebirth, the transition from dormancy to life. After the long, dead months of winter, I am reminded that the earth is a place of abundant life. Potentiality is unleashed and the impulse to grow-flourish-propagate runs free. As a gardener, I merely facilitate. I don't tell the seeds when to sprout, I just give them what they need. I only assist the potentiality in becoming what it was made to be.


there are many things to love about spring. the bursts of color & the blooming of flowers, blue skies & afternoon rain showers, the beginning of new life & the taste of summer freedom. there are so many reasons to celebrate spring & several ways to take full advantage of this wonderful season.

for starts, get outside! a few days ago, i was feeling a bit under the weather. after a bit of browsing around the web for inspiration & eating an entire chocolate bar, i realized that i simply needed some fresh air & a good ol' fashioned walk. so, i walked. & it felt so incredibly perfect.

secondly, remember & capture this season. paint a blooming landscape, take a photo of spring flowers, sew a bright handbag with pastel-colored fabrics. spring always brings forth bursts of inspiration in my mind so take full advantage of this time & start creating!

& to end, plant something. start some seeds & watch them sprout, plant flowers in a few pots to brighten your space. instead of purchasing flowers this year, begin a flower garden. after a day of hard work, enjoy a picnic in the park with delicious foods.

happy spring, everyone!



  1. These photos are great. I can't wait to see your little plants when they grow up.

  2. i love knowing that i'm not alone in all my beginner gardening fears! lovely photos and thoughts, as always.