Sunday, March 14, 2010

no. 21: the start of a garden

This weekend marked the start of a garden. The growing season has begun after what felt like a long winter. This will be the first garden that Natalie and I will see through from start to finish. We're excited, a little nervous and ready to learn. But we are certainly throwing ourselves headlong into this gardening experience, trying to figure out if it is something we could build our lives around.

I stayed up until 3 am on Friday night making the plans. I read about each seed, when to plant, germination conditions, when to transplant, days until harvest. I had to figure out what we needed to plant and what needed to wait for warmer weather. But there is still so much more to know.

On Saturday, we spent the better part of the day planting seeds indoors in trays. We planted over fifteen different kinds of vegetables, flowers and herbs that we'll transplant outdoors when it gets a little warmer. I'm so ready to get outside to prepare the beds, but the rain has limited our work to planting seeds in the sun room.

All of this is only because of the generosity of a family that lives close to Natalie and me. They are proving the space and helping to cover the cost. They had the bed space but didn't have the time. We desperately wanted a garden, but didn't have the space. It was perfect. The family has been so accommodating, allowing us to set up shop in their sun room and trudge into their house to get water. We are really looking forward to the relationship and partnership we are forming with them. It will be a great season.

- Luke

i've found that gardening is such a powerful tool in fighting off the stress & day-to-day grind of everyday life. it is the calm that comes with being fully in your thoughts as you sow each seed, water, & set the mood perfectly for growth.

i'm so thankful for this opportunity that luke & i have to be apart of this garden & in general, the cycle of this earth & its Creator. it was such a wonder to plant each seed & imagine that soon, within a few months, the tiny seed would turn into a plant & bear food for us to enjoy.

also, seeing this little guy as we take our daily trips over to water & tend to the garden is a joy in itself. {he liked to peek at us out the window as we were planting on saturday}. it will be so exciting to have saturdays off during the summer & enjoy picnics beside our garden as we eat the fresh food we've worked so hard to grow.

i'm looking forward to the many challenges, failures, successes & delicious meals as we learn about & cultivate the ground.



  1. I am so impressed with you both! Your vision, and reaching out to build relationships with the neighbors -- so commendable! Natalie -- gardening is the *ultimate* stress relief. I've found it to be perhaps the best grounding work one can do. For a while I had a similar garden in a house I rented for a few years. That garden helped me through a lot of difficult times and emotions, but also provided such beautiful inspiration. Jason and I talk about wanting to build a garden when we own a house and start a family -- I believe in teaching our children how to rely on the earth to not lose that very important connection.

    Happy planting you two!

  2. Oh my goodness! Wonderful! I'm so happy to read this post! I can't wait to grow with you two, (and the other who help), on this blog... When I am finished with my freelance work and make a bit of my dough, I'm marching to where ever in Paris I can find reasonable prices for my window boxes! I have started my research too... lots of knowledge to accumulate... (I'm nervous too, but ready for the adventure as well)! Keep it up!


  3. i am gardening this year as well! i created my backyard composter, and am receiving seeds from the detroit urban garden project next week! the gatherings we've had to learn about each seed, fruit, and veggie have been so peaceful and enlightening! so glad to see more young people getting back to the earth! best of luck to you two!

  4. very exciting! we are on a bit of different schedule down south and have hit the first of many road bumps (I'm sure) in our farm life :) Needless to say, I wish you all the best and how nice that the family is allowing you space outside & inside :) it's what community & farming is truly all about!

  5. how wonderful. we also have a shoebox filled with seeds and have started 4 trays. so excited about the garden.

  6. look at all those planted seeds! YAY!