Sunday, January 31, 2010

no. 15: him + her on etsy

{custom stamp made by luke for our new etsy shop!}

we have some very exciting news! him + her is taking on a new adventure... we are opening an etsy shop of handmade jewelry & film photography! we plan to open the shop on sunday, february seventh. so, next weekend we will update here with a link so you can visit & take a look around. we cannot wait to show you some of the stuff we have been working on! thank you so much for your support & visiting this place each week. we're so happy to share our lives with you!

-natalie & Luke


  1. beautiful! can't wait to see more :)

  2. how exciting!

    i love the stamp as wellll.

  3. i just discovered your blog today! wonderful! :)

  4. LOVE the stamp! can't wait to see the goodies and make some purchases :)

  5. my wife and I have been thinking of the same thing.
    great shop, by the way, the prints are great.
    hope to see more there soon