Sunday, January 3, 2010

no. 12: new year's resolutions

hello, 2010! you are full of such great possibilities, new beginnings, & adventures.

2010, i have a good feeling about you. your friend, 2009, treated us so well- falling in love & getting married, participating in our first successful art sale, rooting ourselves deep into the local food movement here, & dusting off my camera to find that i truly love photography.

but 2010, you're full of endless possibilities, too! & i have a few requests for you- some resolutions, perhaps.

+i'd like eat healthier & feel healthier. more veggies, more fruit. exercise. lots & lots of water.
+an etsy shop! i've dreamt of opening up an etsy shop for a couple of months now & i'm finally realizing that people might possibly have an interest in our photography & my earrings. {be looking out for him + her designs in february or march!}
+travel to brazil! we have been given the opportunity to serve in brazil & hope to raise enough funds to get us there. it would be such a growing experience to connect with other communities & cultures. i want to learn from life unknown to me & the struggles of other individuals in the world.
+i'd like to continue to preserve our food & am in the works of preparing a class on preserving this summer.
+we hope to read a novel together, too.

there are so many unknowns that you will show us, 2010, & i am excited!


Looking back, I am reminded of how good the previous year was. I changed direction in school, switching from photojournalism to sustainable agriculture--a decision I am still happy with. I got a job at my favorite bakery in town, the one place where I wanted to work the most. And I got married to the woman who is continually my encouragement, inspiration, comfort and friend. Yes, 2009 was a good year.

And as I look forward, I am excited to think about what is ahead: a mission trip to Brazil, leadership in the university's student farm, more art sales and an etsy shop in the making, and growing relationships with other young couples.

The other night, Natalie and I sat down over dinner and wrote down goals for the new year. Here are some of mine:

- foster more meaningful relationships with other men
- be disciplined about regularly spending time in prayer and reflection
- raise the $3,400 needed for us to go on a mission trip to Brazil
- learn how to use the sewing machine
- get to know my neighbors better
- go camping with friends


ps. thank you, dear friends, for continuing to read him + her & supporting us! we were so happy to read your wishes & resolutions for the new year & we wish you all the best! peace to you in 2010!


  1. wishing you two the best 2010. love your resolutions. thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. these sound like awesome resolutions :) we love you guys and hope to be an encouragement and support to you as you work toward all these things in the new year! (i'm especially excited that you're interested in traveling to brazil - i think that would be an amazing experience for both of you, and i'm sure you would be a huge blessing to those you would encounter in brazil, as well!)

  3. I don't know when you two are planning a trip to brazil, but not only is my husband going there this summer for an internship, I will be returning to columbia for the summer.... Anyway I can help you with learning how to use a sewing machine if you would like if you're around for the summer!

  4. Can you two get any cuter!!!

    Wonderful resolutions & goals. I pray they all come true for you both!

  5. dear natalie + luke:: there's a lot here, but i'll keep it short: i love these photos. especially the one of the footprints in the snow, and natalie's boots.
    definitely read a novel together...we're in a bookclub together with our friends, and sometimes we actually "read" the book together at bedtime. it's a really good way to talk and expand your knowledge of each others thoughts.
    and of course, yay on the sustainable food focus. best of luck luke. and also (promise this is it!) tim works largely on his own, and so we both know how important it is for him to have some guy time and guy friends.
    best wishes, you two. and happy new year.

  6. let's go camping when it warms up!

  7. this was a huuuge year for you guys...2009 will definitely be one you cherish & reminisce on forever.

    beautiful resolutions! i can't wait to see all the amazing photos you guys take while in Brazil! & i bettter receive a postcard, though i know i will : )

    i miss you both & love you so very much.