Sunday, December 13, 2009

no. 9: winter's presence

Winter is here! Last week, we had one night where the temperature dropped into the single digits. We've been piling blankets on the bed, wearing our shoes and sweaters inside the house and resorting to using our space heater. But despite its inconveniences, I welcome winter.

Winter has brought with it little flurries of snow that gave us a little surprise one morning. There was a thin layer of snow over everything, crunching beneath my feet and turning the landscape white and pristine. There is a beauty to the bare branches, the traces of snow, the frost left on windows, the way your breath appears before your face when you exhale. I enjoy bundling up before going outside, like I am gearing up for an arctic exploration. All the layers make me feel safe and comforted as I go out to face the harsh winds and freezing temperatures that seem to be at war with life itself.

The other morning, I couldn't start the car because the ignition wouldn't turn--it was so cold the ignition was frozen. I just had to ride my bike to work that morning. It was a reminder how I am, at every moment, at the mercy of this world. How any feelings I have of control over my life are an illusion.

But the beautiful thing about humanity is that we learn to adapt. I've been thinking about people who live their lives in temperatures below zero, through winters with just a few hours of light a day. Isn't it incredible? It makes me a little more willing to put on another layer before going to bed. Winter's not so long.

- Luke

oh, it has been chilly here, but we've found warmth. the beat of bob dylan's {black crow blues} are singing us through the lowest of temperatures & a variety of lemongrass + honey teas are warming our souls.

in all honesty though, i was not ready for the cold. when the snow fell, i was dreaming of warm summer evenings. when i put the extra flannel blanket on our bed, i was romanticizing the idea of bare legs & summer dresses. so, waking up to freezing temperatures... i was a little less than excited.

but as i walk to & fro, staring up at the sky to see the limbs of trees bare, forming patterns in the sky, i am reminded of the bits of joy during this time of year...

the joys of family, the comfort of a warm home, & the little bits of beauty in the darkness of winter fill my mind. oh, the many blessings for which to be thankful.



  1. lovely all around. i wasn't ready either but now it's here to stay. i'm not sure we'll see the ground until late march. it does make for gorgeous photos. hope you 2 had a nice weekend.

  2. there is an emotion in these pictures, that's beautiful.

  3. I love all these things about winter, too. Winter makes my walks more vivid, and my thoughts more crisp, it seems.

  4. i grew up in one of those countries where the temperature goes below zero and there's only a few hours of light outside before a blanket of darkness overtakes it again,but then the nightless nights of summer would balance it out :)

    i also just wanted to say that i adore your blog you guys, you are inspirations.